👋🏼 Hello there! I'm

Madan Neupane

/'ma.dan neu.pa.ne/


👨🏼‍💻 I enjoy building things for the internet.

🚀 Exploring opportunities and side projects.

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My favorite tools

Programming Languages

Python JavaScript

Web Development

SCSS React JS Node JS Django

Data Science & Analysis

NumPy Pandas Matplotlib scikit-learn

Database & Others

SQL MongoDB Excel Git


Web Development

Let the internet find you on web browser.

Web Development

  • Fully Responsive modern websites.

  • Build with Best Practices and SEO.

  • Mobile first approach.

  • HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, React, and Django

Data Science & Analysis

Need insights from data to make business decisions?

Data Science & Analysis

  • ETL, Data Mining and Preprocessing.

  • Data Analysis and Visualization.

  • Machine Learning model implementation.

  • NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, Excel, SQL, Jupyter Notebook.

Web Automation

I can help you automate your boring and programmable tasks.

Web Automation

  • Web Scraping

  • Bots

  • Testing, and other various automation

  • Python, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, Tweepy, and other libraries


College Finder App

College Finder

  • Web App
Portfolio 1.0

Portfolio V1.0

  • Static Website
comparison of different regression models

Analysis of different regression models for College Admission data

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
Ask Blackpink

Ask Blackpink - Twitter Bot

  • Bot
Sophist Archives

Sophist Archives

  • Web App

Sangeet - A music streaming android app

  • Android

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